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How to foster diversity in the workplace

How to foster diversity in the workplace

We invite you to watch a series of 5 videos on diversity management and counteracting discrimination and mobbing in the workplace. The videos are available on our YouTube channel, also with English subtitles.

Mycheck is the winner in Techseed 2021!

Mycheck is the winner in Techseed 2021!

Last week we announced the winners of the next edition of the Techseed accelerator program. Mycheck – congratulations! In the article on Mam Startup portal you can learn more about the participating companies and the program in general. Feel welcome to read it!

PLN 7,000 for the best startup team!

PLN 7,000 for the best startup team!

The 2nd edition of Techseed acceleration program has just started. Do you have a startup or are you a member of a team of young entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas in the ICT area? Join the program and win financial support for the implementation of the developed business plan.Workshops, consultations with experts from PwC and pitching to investors are waiting for you.

Our projects

BluAct II

BluAct is a network of 4 European port cities (Pireus, Gdańsk Koper and Boulogne-sur-Mer) aiming to share good practices in Blue Economy entrepreneurship. The project is funded under the EU’s URBACT programme, which helps cities to develop sustainable, pragmatic solutions, integrating economic, social and environmental urban topics.

Pomeranian Export Broker

A long-term project aimed at supporting Pomeranian entrepreneurs in export activities which offers specialist seminars on product rollouts on fo.

Pre-acceleration is a series of intensive and comprehensive training courses aimed mainly at startup teams, young entrepreneurs and students who want to develop their competences in areas related to running a business.

Diversity in the Workplace

"Diversity in the Workplace" is a series of films about cognitive biases, counteracting mobbing and discrimination, and the reasons why it is worth building an inclusive work environment.
We have also prepared recommendations for organizations and companies on how to start implementing D&I.

Jump Your Business

The project strengthens the startup ecosystem and young entrepreneurs in Gdansk. Project activities focus on three areas (selected as key by entrepreneurs): B2B sales, social media, speaking in front of camera.

Starter for mums

Meetings for enterprising mothers who want to pursue their career ambitions. For those women who plan to start their own business, return to the labour market or just set their professional goals.

Women build ships too

A project supporting the professional development of women working in the maritime and logistics industry and promoting employment in this sector through workshops, network building and developing a knowledge base.


The First Smart Specialization of Pomeraniaaims to strengthen the potential of companies, institutions and start-ups from the maritime sector, provide them with a competitive edge internationally and accelerate the pace of their development.

Social Media Show

This is one of the most important events about social media in northern Poland. The conference encourages shockingly good presentations and great examples that will meet the needs of not only specialists but also marketing and social media enthusiasts.


Improved Results in Innovation Support – cooperation of business incubators from the Baltic countries aimed at improving and supporting start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.


Startup Inspire

You can look for inspiration everywhere. However, it's best to learn from those who are successful today. Consulting for start-ups and entrepreneurs, workshops and webinars with practitioners from various industries and experts from the startup environment.


Fuckup Nights Tricities

FuckUp Nights (FUN) is a global movement that organizes meetings where brave people talk about their failures in business and projects. The relaxed atmosphere allows you to take the mishaps with a grain of salt.


Manage the crisis

The program is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the goal is to counteract the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. One-to-one sessions with experienced mentors, webinars and expert articles.


Poland Prize

This is an acceleration program aimed at helping foreign startups to establish themselves in Poland. Thanks to Poland Prize young startups had a chance to get expert suport, and the best of them was awarded a prize of 50,000 USD for the development of their business.



An intensive training program for people who have an idea for and want to start a business, as well as for those who have already established a business and are at the initial stage of development.

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In the modern, intimate office building of the STARTER Incubator, over 500 companies have already benefited from the support and managed to create almost 600 new jobs. It is a place where both foreign and Polish start-ups, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, spread their wings. A unique community allows you to creatively expand your potential on a global scale.

The success stories of our start-ups


Finalrentals has been named the winner of the prestigious Seamless Dubai 2021 Award in the Design and User Experience category. The Dubai-based start-up, which provides car rental solutions, has its European office in the Starter Incubator.

More about Finalrentals...


Just Join IT won the “Young Company of the Year” title in the prestigious “Pomorskie Sztormy 2020” poll. The company creates an industry portal for programmers.

More about Just Join IT...